Accepted Abstracts

  1. Adiranto Hia & Susanne Andrea H. Sitohang, S.S., M.A., (Universitas Kristen Indonesia) Life in the Midst of Differences: Multiculturalism as Portrayed in Hallstrom’s 2014 The Hundred-Foot Journey
  2. Alfijihan Syahnafitri Bashiroh (Universitas Satya Wacana) Woman’s Fight Portrayal through Negotiation Between The Character in “Para Penjual Rumah Ustazah Nung”
  3. Alifa Syauqina Mori (Universitas Padjadjaran) The Women in Cinema: Mimicry as Resistance in Coppola’s Apocalypse Now Redux (2001)
  4. Alifya Aini Fauziyah (Universitas Padjadjaran) The Second Home: Transnational Mobility in Finding ‘Ohana (2021)
  5. Almira Ghassani Shabrina Romala, S.S., M.A. (English Letters Department Universitas Sanata Dharma) Rendering Banyumasan Folk Songs in the Indonesian and English Versions of Ahmad Tohari’s Bekisar Merah
  6. Almira Ghassani Shabrina Romala, S.S., M.A., Catharina Brameswari, S.Pd., M.Hum., & Theresia Enny Anggraini, Ph.D. (English Letters Department Universitas Sanata Dharma) The Journey of Walking Alongside Youth: Identity Shifts in Digital Young Adults’ Literature and its Indonesian Translation
  7. Alya Azra Andini Putri & Nanditha Cintia Riany (University of Al-Azhar Indonesia) The Relationship Between Gender and A Person’s Emotions as Represented by Emotional Characters in the Pixar Animation Film Inside Out
  8. Amalia Kurnia Devi, S.Pd. & Clara Pontifisia Selesiana (English Language Studies USD) Young Women as Eco-Warriors in Two Children’s Short Stories: An Ecofeminism Study
  9. Angela Gabrielle Fabunan (Silliman University) Call-and-Response: A Theory of Form as Boundary in Formal Poetry
  10. Antonia Rahayu Rosaria Wibowo, S.S., M.A. (National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN)) The Encounter of Science and Social Reality in Search for Life Meaning Portrayed in the Film Entitled Nostalgia for the Light
  11. Associate Professor Chuckberry J. Pascual, Ph.D. (University of Santo Tomas – Manila, Philippines) Opening the Aparador:  A Cultural History of the Cabinet in the Philippines
  12. Asst. Prof. Paul A. Castillo (University of Santo Tomas) A Parody of Debt and Death: Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment in Lav Diaz’s North, The End of History
  13. B. Retang Wohangara, S.S., M.Hum. (Fakultas Bahasa dan Seni, Unika Soegijapranata) Warung Hupu Liku (WHL) Ritual: A Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Ecological Ethics of the Sumbanese People of Eastern Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
  14. Bella Valencia Bawondes, S.S (English Language Studies USD) Unveiling the Social Context Behind Dystopian Short Stories: A Comparative Analysis of “We Ate The Children Last” and “The Lottery”
  15. Benedicta Stella Fortunae, S.S.  (English Language Studies USD) The Shifting Paradigm of Womanhood from Old Order to New Order Indonesia in Saskia Wieringa’s Novel The Crocodile Hole
  16. Cahya Pratama Windianto (English Language Studies USD (Alumni)) Colonial Mentality and Transformative Learning as an English Teacher: a Self-Study
  17. Catharina Brameswari, S.Pd., M.Hum., Dr. Tatang Iskarna, & Edith Nazaretha Putri Wijaya (English Letters Department Universitas Sanata Dharma) “Voicing the Voiceless: Despair and Hopes in Migrant Workers’ Selected Digital Poems”
  18. Chandrika Hestining Tyas (UKSW, Salatiga, Indonesia) Rape Culture, Victim Blaming: How Do People Treat a Crazy Woman Who Was Raped Through The Story “Blokeng”
  19. Christian Pratama Eliza Putra (Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana, Fakultas Bahasa dan Seni) Identifying Class Struggle by Karl Marx in Indonesian Literature: Hikayat Jarot di Agustusan
  20. Dawit Dibekulu, Dr. Tesfaye Dagnew, & Dr. Tesfamaryam G/Meskel (Bahir Dar University) Mourning in Selected Contemporary Amharic Novels
  21. Deidre Morales  (University of the Philippines Diliman ) Ayon Kay Kid Talaba: Poetry as an Ecocritical Recollection of the Marcopper Mining Disaster
  22. Dewi Widyastuti (English Letters Department Universitas Sanata Dharma) Mapping East and West Resources in Students’ Short Stories:  EFL Creative Writing Practices in Indonesia
  23. Dhia Anaulva Putri (Universitas Padjadjaran) Two Sides of the Same Coin: Distinction of Space in the Circus and the Society in The Greatest Showman
  24. Dimas Aditya Wicaksono (Fakultas Filsafat UGM) Economic Adaptationism: Extending the Dennettian Adaptionist Thesis through Behavioral Economics Framework
  25. Dr Debajyoti Biswas (Bodoland University, Kokrajhar, India) Precarious lives and ambivalent modernity: Literature as Resistance in Anuradha Sharma Pujari’s The Forest Wails and Mamang Dai’s The Legend of Pensam
  26. Dr. Ari J. Adipurwawidjana, M.A. (Universitas Padjadjaran) The Political Placing of Colonial Spaces: The Case of Conan Doyle’s “The Crooked Man”
  27. Dr. Eko Wahyu Koeshandoyo, M.Hum., Prof. Kunto Sofianto, Ph.D., Dr. Dade Mahzuni, M.Hum., & Dr. Widyo Nugrahanto, M.Hum. (Universitas Padjadjaran) Surviving The Nature: Ecological Myths In Sundanese-Speaking Community Of Jalawastu Cultural Village In Brebes, Central Java to Preserve the Environment
  28. HOPE SABANPAN-YU (University of San Carlos) Literary Interactions with the Animal World in Eugenio Viacrucis’s Narratives 
  29. Dr. Nuryadi, M.Hum  (Universitas Islam 45 Bekasi) Penggambaran Perempuan Inggris pada Abad 18 dalam Novel Emma: Kajian Sosiologi Sastra
  30. Dr. Purwanti Kusumaningtyas, M.Hum. (English Literature, Faculty of Language and Arts, Satya Wacana Christian University) Finding “Home,” Having “Adventures” in Traditions: The Case of Farmer-Artists’ Cultural Rootedness for Self-Care in Tutup Ngisor Hamlet, Magelang District, Central Java, Indonesia
  31. Dr. Ratna Asmarani, M.Ed., M.Hum. (Faculty of Humanities, Diponegoro University) Intra-Racial Microagressions Experienced by the Wife in  “The Arrangers of Marriage” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  32. Dr. Suryo Sudiro. M.Hum. & Dr. Sayit Abdul Karim, M.Pd. (Universitas Teknologi Yogyakarta) Human Trafficking: A Never-Ending Nightmare
  33. Dr. Tri Pramesti MS & Adeline Grace Marianne Litaay (Universitas 17 Agustus 1945 Surabaya) From Othering to Belonging:  a Post Colonial Reading in Budi Darma’s Orang Orang Bloomington  and  Ida Ahdiah’s Teman Empat Musim
  34. Dwi Firli Ashari (Universitas Indonesia) Starbucks’ Pseudo Locality Representation: An Analysis of Promotional Content on Starbucks Indonesia’s Facebook Page
  35. Dyah Ayu Larasati (English Language Studies Universitas Sanata Dharma) Unveiling Maritime Motifs and Their Social Contexts in Indonesian-Malaysian Folklore Using Greimas’ Actantial Model
  36. Eliezar Inigo (Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta) Translation Techniques and Translation Ideology used in Translating Culture Specific Items into Indonesian of  Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere
  37. Elvis A. Galasinao, Jr. (De La Salle University) Unsettling English: The Poetics of Haunting in Barbara Jane Reyes’s Poeta en San Francisco
  38. Epata Puji Astuti S.S, M.A. & Agnes Seraphine (English Letters Department Universitas Sanata Dharma) Ecological Consciousness in the Children’s Literatures One Small Hop, The Leaf Detective, and One Plastic Bag
  39. Epata Puji Astuti, S.S, M.A. & Fernisya Abellya (English Letters Department Universitas Sanata Dharma) Challenging Patriarchal Culture of Taliban Regime: A Woman Struggle as Seen in Homeira Qaderi’s Dancing in The Mosque
  40. Erika Garbanzos (De La Salle University) Sunburnt, Seakissed: The Ocean as Splendor in Prudenciado’s Made of Saltwater
  41. Esther Deborah Kalauserang, S.S. (English Language Studies USD (Alumni)) Part of Your (Globalized) World: The Interplay of Gender and Beauty Standard  in the Animated versus Live-Action of Disney’s The Little Mermaid
  42. Fatia Nurilmi Magistra, S.Sn., M.A.,  (Independent Researcher, ISI Yogya & Monash Graduate) Three Visual Icons of Yogyakarta Through Post-colonialism
  43. Firda Khoirunnisa (Universitas Padjadjaran) Wandering Pakistan: The Paradoxical World of the Marginalized in Nadeem Aslam’s The Golden Legend (2017)
  44. Foura Cantika Gilbert Nick Hasmanin, Nadawutu Purnayoga, Jovi Abednego, & Putri Sekar Harini (English Letters Department USD) The Analysis of Social Class Depicted in a Javanese Folklore Entitled Suwidak Loro: a Semantic Study
  45. Gabriella Anggita Dwinarulita & Alexander Pedestrian Garda Paska (English Letters Department USD) Attenborough’s India: Creative Liberty in the Portrayal of Divide et Impera Politics of India and Pakistan in Gandhi (1983)
  46. Gaizzka Metsu Wilsensa (Universitas Padjadjaran) Phallocentrism and Ecofeminism: Between Humans and “Mother Nature” in Moana
  47. Gifta Purwa Lawang Kembara, S.S. & Dr. Purwanti Kusumaningtyas, M.Hum. (Graduate Program of Philosophy (Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia)) Farmer-Artists’ Concept Of “Kober” In Padepokan Tjipta Boedaja, Tutup Ngisor, Magelang: A Cultural Materialist Analysis
  48. Henrikus Joko Yulianto, S.S., M.Hum., Ph.D. (Universitas Negeri Semarang) From Geopolitics to Geopoetics: Defending Geographic Justice from Anthropogenic Materialism in Allen Ginsberg’s “World Bank Blues” and Anne Waldman’s “Cabin” as A Posthuman Vision
  49. I Gede Bion Caesar Sucipta Dharma Arcana, Xenia Gabriella, Pujangga Chandra, & Savvyna Meyra (English Letters Department USD) “The Open Boat”: A Historical Study of Maritime Experience in the Nineteenth Century by Stephen Crane.
  50. Ida Ayu Eka Vania Cahya Nita (Universitas Padjadjaran) The Fragmented City of Dublin in Eveline
  51. Ike Tania Pardede & Susanne A H. Sitohang, S.S.,M.A. (Universitas Kristen Indonesia ) Dehumanization in a Fight against Injustice: The Suffering   of Biru Laut in Chudory’s The Sea Speaks His Name
  52. Janice Roman-Tamesis, M.A. (University of the Philippines, Diliman; Lyceum of the Philippines University, Manila) Tondo as a Mythic Urban Space in Real and Reel: The Tondeños’ Point of View
  53. Jauza Maryam Mumtazah (Universitas Padjadjaran) The Intimate Politics of Women and Tourism in The White Lotus (2021)
  54. Jay Jomar F Quintos (University of the Philippines Diliman) (Alter)-Native Histories of Humans and More-Than-Humans in Mindanao in Telesforo Sungkit’s Mga Gapnod sa Kamad-an (Driftwood on Dry Land)
  55. Jennifer Rebecca L. Ortuoste, Ph.D. (University of Santo Tomas) Communicating Ecology and Advocacy:  John Iremil Teodoro’s ‘Sa Yakap ng Gubat at Dagat ng Palawan’  as a Tool for Ecological Literacy
  56. Jesus Emmanuel S. Villafuerte (Polytechnic University of the Philippines) The Unfinished Future: A Critique of Saro Lucinda’s Ang Dakilang Pag-iwas
  57. John Reinjoe F. Namit, LPT, MAEd (Don Honorio Ventura State University) Unveiling the Political and Cultural Thought Processes of Kapamapangans through Postcolonial Elements in Zoilo M. Galang’s “A Child of Sorrow”
  58. Jorisse Gumanay, LPT, M.A. (University of the Philippines Cebu and Silliman University) Between Survival and Savagery: An Exploration of Philippine World War II Colonial and Postcolonial Identity in Three Novels
  59. Jose Monfred C. Sy (Department of Filipino and Philippine Literature, University of the Philippines Diliman) The Guerrilla is Like a Forest: Gestures toward Naturality and Revolution in the Poetry of Jose Maria Sison
  60. Joselito D. De Los Reyes, Ph.D. (University of Santo Tomas – Manila, Philippines) MEME-WORTHINESS: Meme Organic Virality as Virtual Indignation and Assault
  61. Kresensia Pebrianti & Susanne A H. Sitohang, S.S.,M.A. (Universitas Kristen Indonesia) A Portrayal of Indonesian Women during the New Order Era as Portrayed in Katoppo’s “Supiyah” and Winarno’s “On Madam’s Birthday”     
  62. Lady Flor Partosa-Koenig (Silliman University ) Performing the City through Ceremony: Examining the Paghimamat of the Sandurot Festival 2019
  63. Lestari Manggong, M.A. (Universitas Padjadjaran) Redescribing Chinese Past as a Political Act: Imaginary Homeland in Maxine Hong Kingston’s The Woman Warrior
  64. Lukas Henggara Nandamai Herujiyanto, S.Pd. M.A. (Universitas Mercu Buana Yogyakarta) Maharadia Lawana: The Indigenous Filipino “Ramayana” by Way of Diaspora and Hybridity-Heteroginity
  65. Rodinal Khair Khasri, S.Fil., M.Phil. (Faculty of Philosophy, Universitas Gadjah Mada) Meinong’s Ontology: An Alternative View on Things That Don’t Exist
  66. Maria Socorro Q. Perez, Ph.D. (Ateneo de Manila University) The Geopolitics in the Horror/Thriller Film Nocebo
  67. Max Rooyackers (Faculty of Letters Universitas Sanata Dharma) J.E. Jasper’s literary work on educating the masses overseas: Indo-European Literature from Colonial Java in the Netherlands 1904-1910
  68. Maya Sekartaji, S.S., M.Hum.& Putri Ayienda Dinanti, S.S., M.Hum. (Universitas Dian Nusantara, Jakarta) The Impact of Power Contestation on Ukraine’s War Victims: A Poetry Anthology Analysis
  69. Mike Wijaya Saragih, S.S., M.Hum. & Teguh Prasetyo, M.Hum. (Fakultas Sastra dan Bahasa, Universitas Kristen Indonesia) Ecofeminism in the Collection of Short Stories “Nelayan itu Berhenti Melaut” by Safar Banggai
  70. Miss Chloe I. Cadiz (Silliman University) Filipino Woman Travel Writings: Classification, Identity, and Image of the Filipina Traveler
  71. Miss Regie Panadero Amamio (Mindanao State University – General Santos City, Philippines) The One in the Other: Exploring the Identity of the ‘Decolonized Other’ in the Postcolonial Novels
  72. Mochammad Rifqi (Al-Azhar University of Indonesia) Anthropocentrism: Criticism towards human incarnation of mythological creature Banaspati depicted in Aroma Karsa by Dewi Lestari
  73. Mr. Jan Raen Carlo M. Ledesma & Mr. Aldrin E. Manalastas (University of Santo Tomas) Environmental Geopolitics through Biosemiosis: The Geopolitical through the Biophiliac, Anthropocentric, and Ethological Modes of Representation in the Selected Poems from the Anthologies A Man of Earth and A Native Clearing
  74. Mr. Jose P. Mojica, M.A. (University of Santo Tomas) Mobile Photo Editing Apps and Cultural Identity: Implications for Filipino Youth
  75. Ms. Catherine I. Cadiz (Silliman University) “Womanization of Masculinity” in Disney’s “Moana” and “Brave”
  76. Ms. Kaycee L. Melon (Silliman University Department of English and Literature) Reconstructing Empire: Historiographic Metafiction in Eric Gamalinda’s Empire of Memory
  77. Ms. Rina Fernandez Hill (Silliman University) Evaluating Tagalog Pocketbooks: Their Impact on Young Female Readers’ Attitude towards Literature and Lived Realities
  78. Muhammad Shubhi, S.S., Syaiful Bahri, Lalu Erwan Husnan, & St. Raudloh (BRIN) Hungry Revenge ‘Dendam yang Lapar’: Political Portrait of Grassroots?
  79. Naya Fauzia Dzikrina, S.S., M.A. (Independen Researcher) Mapping the Contemporary Environmental Imaginary: A Case Study of Project Child Indonesia
  80. Nida Alfiana & Fadhlillah Zati Wafiyya (English and Language Culture Department University of Al-azhar Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia) Interpretation of the Women role in Realizing Gender Equality Based on the Character Eloise in the Drama Series Bridgerton
  81. Nirvani Amabel Ananda Putri Djo (Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana) Normalized Coercion and Deprivation of Women’s Rights in the short story “Laki-Laki Dari Ratenggaro”
  82. Nova Natalia Heryadi (Ms) (English Letters Department Universitas Sanata Dharma) Translating Religious Values:  An Analysis of Declarative Utterances in the Indonesian Dubbing  of Superbook Indonesia Episode “Yunus di Perut Ikan”
  83. Prof. Janice Roman-Tamesis, M.A., Mr. Jefferson Clark Apostol, Mr. Jhanel Datig, & Mx. Kent Vincent “Kendra” Binagatan (Department of Communication, Far Eastern University, Manila, Philippines) A Qualitative Content Analysis of the Rhetoric and Semiotics of Poverty and Filipino Resilience in the YouTube Vlogs of Content Creator Jose Hallorina
  84. Ram Paulo Agduma Anayan (Ateneo de Manila University)  Puerta: Navigating the Liminal and Aquatic Space of Iloilo City
  85. Rangga Kala Mahaswa, S.Fil., M.Phil.  (Faculty of Philosophy, Universitas Gadjah Mada) Strong Anthropocentrism in Environmental Education A Critique from a Geophilosophical Approach
  86. Rosa Vania Setowati (Yayasan Indonesia Cerah) Discourse Analysis of the Just Energy Transition in Indonesia: Insights from Media and Social Media Analysis
  87. Rvie M. Santillan, LPT, MAEd.  (Northern Negros State College of Science and Technology) Multiculturalism and the Future of African Literature
  88. Sara Christina Wenda  (FBS – UKSW) Trust, Reconciliation and Social Identity : Exploring the Protagonist’s Journey Towards Coexistence in Diverse Societies in short story  ‘Aku akan pulang ke Wamena’
  89. Sistiadinita, S.Pd., M.Litt. (Sekolah Tinggi Bahasa Asing Pontianak) Complexities of Love: A Comparative Study between Wuthering Heights and Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck
  90. Stefani Arlin Candra (Satya Wacana Christian University) Postmodernism analysis of Mitoni and Baby shower traditions in the short story “Mitoni Terakhir”
  91. Susanne A. H. Sitohang, S.S. M.A. & Catherine Marsaulina  (Universitas Kristen Indonesia) Bali through the Eyes of Indonesian Literature: Portraiture of Bali as Depicted in Selected Short Stories
  92. Tiara Martin (Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana) Psychological Problems and Myth Representation in a Short Story by Guntur Alam entitled “Hikayat Emak”
  93. Veronika Esther Diah Kurniawati (English Letters Department Universitas Sanata Dharma) Navigating Authorial Voice and Identity in Translation:  A Case Study of Leila S. Chudori’s Laut Bercerita
  94. Virgilio A. Rivas, Ph.D. (Polytechnic University of the Philippines) Return to things or the indeterminism of worlds?
  95. Vonn Clyde Casquejo Nuñez (Babag National High School) Decolonized Voice of Lumad in Telesforo Sungkit Jr.’s “I Higaonon”
  96. Widjati Hartiningtyas, S.S. & Alysa Latika Amatullah (Airlangga University) Trees’ Myth in Middle-Grade Novels: Comparative Literature towards Garuda Gaganeswara Teka-Teki Jalan Lurus Melingkar and Artemis Fowl
  97. Yosafat Andrew Gabrian Kameo, S.S (English Language Studies Universitas Sanata Dharma) Human Presence and Absence in the Short Stories “Merdeka” and “The Pedestrian”: An Ecocritical-Oriented Comparative Analysis
  98. Yosefina Nathalie Sekar Nirmala   (Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana) Cultural Identity in A Diverse Culture as A Javanese: “Jejak” by Wina Bojonegoro
  99. Yoseph Bavo Agung Prasaja (Universitas 17 Agustus 1945 Surabaya) Articulating Narrative Cultural History Model in Plunturan Community, Ponorogo