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Literary & Cultural Criticism in the Age of Post-theory

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LSC 2024 is approaching, so prepare to mark your calendars and set the stage for the eagerly awaited Literary Studies Conference. This annual event, with its upcoming installment titled “Literary and Cultural Criticism in the Age of Post-theory,” is slated to captivate literary enthusiasts and scholars alike in October 2024. The collaborative effort between the esteemed English Letters Department, English Language Studies of Universitas Sanata Dharma and Ateneo de Manila University promises an intellectual feast.

As the literary landscape continually evolves, challenging traditional boundaries, this conference emerges as a beacon of exploration at the intersection of literature and post-theory. A global platform is crafted, beckoning scholars, researchers, and enthusiasts from around the world to converge and immerse themselves in thought-provoking discussions on various facets of contemporary literary studies. The diversity of topics covered is extensive, encompassing different genres, periods, and cultural contexts.

From the nuanced analysis of postmodern narratives to the profound examination of the impact of postcolonial theories on literature, attendees can expect a comprehensive exploration that transcends conventional boundaries. This conference pledges to be an intellectual feast, offering a plethora of opportunities for engaging with cutting-edge ideas and theories in literary scholarship.

The event’s prominence is further amplified by the inclusion of keynote speeches delivered by renowned experts in the field. These speeches promise to provide valuable insights into current trends and future directions within literary theory, shaping the intellectual landscape for those in attendance. Moreover, participants are encouraged to contribute actively by presenting their own research papers and participating in dynamic panel discussions. Beyond the academic sphere, this conference transforms into a unique networking opportunity. Attendees have the chance to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for literature and theoretical frameworks. The potential for exchanging ideas, collaborating on future projects, and building lasting professional relationships is inherent in this gathering.

Mark your calendars now for October 2024, as this conference unfolds into an exciting journey into the realm of “Literary and Cultural Criticism in the Age of Post-theory.” Stay tuned for forthcoming updates, including registration details, submission guidelines, and other crucial information. We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to this prestigious event, promising intellectual stimulation like no other.

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