Guides and tutorials

The conference will be held online. For the presenters, and the participants please pay attention to the following rules and guides: 

Rules for Presenters

1. All presenters should register and pay the conference fee in order to receive the conference certificate. 
2. Presenters are required to upload the video of the presentation on
3. The duration of the presentation video is 10 to 15 minutes. The presenter is spotlighted in the video presentation. 
4. Presenters should submit the link to this link by 25 September 2021.
5. Presenters are required to attend the plenary sessions and Questions and Answers session by Zoom at the scheduled time.
6. No show presenters are not allowed to reschedule their sessions nor refund the conference fee and they will not receive the conference certificate.
7. Presenters are not allowed to show/use inappropriate pictures for their video background.
8. The certificate for the presenters will be sent by emails after completing the online evaluation form.

Rules for Participants (Non-Presenters)

1. Participants should register and pay the conference fee.
2. Participants can access the link of the video starting from 10 October 2021. 
3. Participants can leave the comments or questions in the comment section on The comments and questions will be read by the meeting chair on QnA session.
4. Participants are not allowed to show/use inappropriate pictures for their video background.
5. Certificate for participants will be sent by emails after completing the evaluation form.

Guide For Uploading Your Video To Youtube.Com

1. Open the YouTube website. 
2. Click the “camera” icon at the top right. 
3. Click “get started” to upload the video. 
4. Select and click “upload video”. 
5. Select and click “upload file” to browse and find your video. 
6. Choose a video to upload. Reminder: the duration of the video is 10-15 minutes. 
7. Complete filling the title and the description of your video. Write the title using this format: LSC 2021, 20-21 Oct 2021: The Title of Your Paper.
8. You will be asked whether the video can be watched by kids or not.
9. Select “unlisted” so that those who can access your video is only the people who have the link to your video. 
10 Click “save” button. 
11. Your video is published. 

Send us the link of your video to this link.